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Hello, and welcome to The Lab.
This game contains certain content which may prove unfitting for younger audiences. It is not meant to be played by anyone younger than 18 years of age, or whatever legal equivalent applies in your country. By clicking 'play' below, you confirm that you are old enough to play this game.
If you are not old enough, please close this window.

Good. Now, assuming that you actually are old enough, let us proceed to a short introduction - just what is The Lab?
Well, in short, The Lab is a text-based "choose your own adventure" type of game. You find yourself in an unknown place with no memory how you got there, starting off as a fairly normal, healthy young man. Whether things will remain that way, however, depends entirely on your choices, for the many devices, experiments, creatures and other inhabitants within the mysterious facility may not be entirely benign...
This version is currently in early alpha, which means that the majority of the content has not yet been implemented.
Please note that this game makes use of javascript, and therefore, usage of these must be allowed in order for the game to work.
Press 'Play' to start. You may restart the game at any time by refreshing the page or pressing the 'Restart' button just below the pos value, but please be aware that your progress is not saved. The 'Back' button, next to the Restart button, will move you back to the previous choice in the story.
If you wish to return to a certain point, make note of the pos value in the top-left corner. Then, write the number value into this text box . For instance, if you want to go to pos113, write in 113 into the text field and press the button. Please note that, due to a formatting issue, pressing an unimplemented option at some points in the game can sometimes make the content in the grey area disappear until its next update is triggered. This is a known problem, but as it is a fairly minor one and will eventually be rendered a non-issue once all the options are properly implemented, it has been allowed to remain.
Of course, this feature also has the added benefit of allowing you to easily share a specific point with somebody else through the simple act of giving the pos value to them.